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Emacs Keyboard Shortcuts

C = Ctrl key, M = Meta or Alt key.

Command Key
File Menu
New Window Alt-n
New Document C-x b
Open C-x C-f
Insert C-x i
Next Document C-Page Up
Previous Document C-Page Down
Save C-x C-s
Save As C-x C-w
Close C-x k
Print Page C-x p
Print Source M-p
Quit C-x C-c
Edit Menu
Undo C-x u or C-_
Redo C-x y
Cut C-w
Copy M-w
Paste C-y
Select All C-x h
Mark Text C-Space
Indent C-.
Unindent C-,
Comment C-[
Uncomment C-]
Search Menu
Find C-s
Find Again C-x s or F3
Replace M-r
Tags Menu
Bold M-Shift-b
Italic M-Shift-i
Underline M-Shift-u
Strikethrough M-Shift-r
Break M-Shift-k
Center M-Shift-c
HTML Comment M-Shift-m
Non-breaking Space M-Shift-s
Paragraph M-Shift-p
Image M-Shift-i
Anchor Link M-Shift-a
Span M-Shift-n
DIV M-Shift-d
Table M-Shift-t
View Menu
Symbols F1
JS Console F2
Browser Preview F4
Refresh F5
View in Browser F6
HTML Tags F7
Icons F8
JS Functions Sidebar F9
Location C-l
Tabs C-t
Execute C-x x
Editing Commands
Forward Character C-f
Backward Character C-b
Forward Word M-f
Backward Word M-b
Next Line C-n
Previous Line C-p
Beginning of Line C-a or C-Left Arrow
End of Line C-e or C-Right Arrow
Scroll Page Up C-v
Scroll Page Down M-v
Buffer Top M-<
Buffer Bottom M->
Delete Forward C-d
Delete Word Forward M-d
Delete Word Backwards M-Backspace
Delete to End of Line C-k
Special Commands
Cancel Command C-g
Execute Command M-x

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