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The font face, size, color, and the background color of the editor can be set.

Auto Backup
Enabling auto backup creates a copy of the file you are editing by adding the suffix "~".

Save Nag
Enabling save nag will prompt you to save files that are not saved.

Browser Preview
Enabling browser preview loads the current file into the in-line browser. Disable this option when working with large text files to decrease loading time.

Key Shortcuts
Enabling default sets the keyboard shortcuts to the default keys. Enabling emacs sets the keyboard shortcuts to emacs style keyboard shortcuts. Mozedit needs to be restarted after changing this option.

Acitity Indicator
Enabling activity indicator adds a visual prompt to the user interface when an operation is performed.

Document Type
Enabling HTML sets the document type to the standard HTML format. Enabling XHTML sets the document type to the XHTML format.

CSS Format
Enabling css format sets inserted tags to CSS styles. Disabling css format sets inserted tags to HTML3 format.

Timed Refresh
Enabling timed refresh allows the browser to automatically refresh at a set interval. The refresh rate can be set from 1 to 10 seconds.

History Size
Setting the history size allows you to change how many opened files are saved in the Go menu.

Tab Size
Setting the tab size allows you to tab over a specific amount of spaces.

Web server pass-thru
Enabling the pass-thru and setting a URL as a value allows you to preview a file served from a web server. This would allow inline PHP, Perl, and ASP code to be parsed and rendered in Mozedit.

Restore Defaults
Returns Mozedit to the original default options.

Clear History
Removes all entries from the Go menu clearing all traces of which files were opened.

Remove Backups
Selecting this option removes all files in the currently opened directory which end with the suffix "~". This is useful when you are using the auto backup option and you want to clean up your directory by removing all old backups.

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