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Basic Use

HTML Editing
  • Mozedit can be run in two different editing modes: an emacs compatible keyboard shortcuts mode and a more typical default mode. The mode can be switched under options. Mozedit will need to be restarted after switching modes.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for the most common standard tags such as bold and anchor links. To insert a HTML tag select the text and select an option from the Tags menu or enter the keyboard shortcut.

Editing Chrome/Content files
  • Mozedit allows quick access to the Mozilla userChrome, userContent, and user preferences files. If a file does not exist you will be given the opportunity to create a new file. A list of Mozilla Firebird tweeks can be found at

HTML Preview
  • The built-in browser preview in Mozedit will attempt to render any opened text file as HTML. This feature can be disabled under Options if HTML rendering is not needed. To remove the tediousness of manually refreshing the browser preview, the browser can be set to automatically refresh from 1 to 10 seconds under Options.
  • Mozedit allows the parsing of PHP, JSP and ASP files by setting the browser preview to an alternate server pass-thru path. This feature can be enabled under options.

Executing Commands
  • The Execute bar can be made visible by selecting the Execute option under the View menu. The keyboard shorcuts for execute are Alt-x (M-x). The characters s$ refer to the current file opened. For example, to open KDE's editor and edit the current file in Mozedit, you could enter "/usr/bin/kate s$".

Javascript Debugging
  • To use the JavaScript Console with Mozedit the current file must be saved first. Clicking refresh will cause any JavaScript errors in the current file to be captured by the JavaScript Console. The inline browser preview pane must be visible for this feature to work.

Functions Sidebar
  • The Functions Sidebar searchs a PHP or JavaScript file for functions and places a sorted list in the sidebar. Clicking on a function name in the sidebar will cause the editor pane to scroll to the respective function. The sidebar list can be refreshed by right clicking on the list and selecting "refresh list".

Context Menus
  • The Browser, Sidebar and Symbols panes support right-click context menu options. The Browser provides context options for refresh, copy, forward and back (history).

The mozedit project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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