What's New
  • Mozedit 0.1.1 final released!
New Features
  • Compatible with Mozilla & Firebird
  • Edit in Window, Tab or Sidebar
  • Sidebar JS/PHP Functions List
  • Timed Browser Refresh
  • Server pass-thru preview
  • Default/Emacs keyboard shortcuts mode
  • Auto file backup option
  • Tabbed User Interface
  • HTML tags bar
  • Inline browser navigation
  • Page/Source printing
  • HTML symbols pane
  • Embeded Javascript Console
  • Text editing commands
  • Comment/Uncomment code
  • User settable tab setting
  • Quick editing of Chrome files
  • Document History
  • Multiple Document Buffers
  • Execute command bar

The Text Editor Extension

Mozedit is a an advanced text editor extension for Mozilla Firebird and the Mozilla suite. It was created with web development in mind.

Status Update (3-4-04): Some minor features broke with the changes of Mozilla Firebird to Firefox. I need to do a little testing this week and release an update. I will take a look at foreign language support also.

Mozedit 0.1.1 final is available for download

Feature Requests

Below are the top features users have requested:
o Multiple language support via localization and file IO
o Colored syntax highlighting option
o Side by side preview pane option
o Mac OSX compatability
o Advanced search/replace features
o Line number gutter
o Printing line numbers

Tentative features for version 0.1.2:
o Side by side pane option
o Advanced search/replace
o Localization support for other languages
o Send To Mozedit clipboard function
o Line numbers

The mozedit project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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